How to Pass the ABFAS Certification Exam

We are often asked: “Isnt’ studying online and from multiple choice question banks overkill? My attendings advised me that studying from textbooks was enough”. While textbooks are great resources and a solid foundation for your surgical knowledge – they do not effectively prepare you for the test taking skills needed to succeed in a challenging exam. Failure rates for the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery (ABFAS) certifying examinations remain extremely high (Figure 1).

When we began BoardWizards in 2017, we knew we wanted to offer podiatric surgeons an experience that would be streamlined, efficient, and comprehensive. We believe we have done that for podiatrists preparing for their board examinations.

At BoardWizards, we try to function as an honest, ethical, and reliable partner in podiatric education. We know you’ll be happy with your choice and we sincerely thank you for choosing BoardWizards.

Why Board Wizards?

The ABFAS Examination has a historically high failure rate.

RRA Didactic

Fall 2017 58% Failure Rate
Spring 2018 46% Failure Rate

Foot Didactic

Fall 2017 58% Failure Rate
Spring 2018 46% Failure Rate

A recent UCLA study on metacognition demonstrated that studying utilizing MULTIPLE-CHOICE questions BOOSTED PERFORMANCE on future tests.

CBPS simulation - those well-versed in computer-based-patient simulation will statistically PERFORM BETTER on exam day.

Studies have shown that test takers who utilize multiple choice question banks perform better on future examinations with multiple choice questions.

That’s where Board Wizards bridges the gap. The ABFAS is a modern examination that is wholly computerized and timed. Preparation should simulate this, remaining modern and easy to use. Board Wizards was created by podiatric physicians that envisioned the arduous task of ABFAS preparation as a simplified and concise process.

The board qualification exam for ABFAS is different in that it is broken down into four distinct sections. Candidates take the in-training examination in their 3rd year of residency. With four sections, failing can be a very expensive proposition that might add up quickly. Board Wizards covers all portions of the ABFAS examination.

To effectively perform on exam day, it is of the utmost importance that physicians become familiar with both the case based patient simulation (CBPS) and multiple choice portions. With over 1,500 multiple choice questions (we aren’t counting questions twice unlike other test banks!!) and over +80 CBPS case work ups and counting, the Board Wizards difference is clear. There are cheap imitations, and there is BoardWizards – when you study with BoardWizards – the difference is clear.

Board Wizards is a feature rich software, that allows for timing your exams, tracking your progress, flagging questions for reviews, and studying with detailed explanations.

But is it worth the price?

Board Wizards is priced very fairly.
A long while back when we were first developing Board Wizards, we decided we were going to use quality web and software development coupled with the highest quality subject matter. We hope that those who purchase this product, purchase ONCE, and pass their examinations the first time, saving money on expensive re-takes.

Please note that a modern desktop or tablet browser is required for the best experience.

We wish you luck with the ABFAS examination!



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