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Any access or use of BoardWizards.com or any of its materials constitutes an agreement that is bound by the terms and conditions stated herein. The user agreement is a contract between you (the user) and BoardWizards and its associated LLC. Within this agreement, “user,” “you,” or “your” directly represents the institution or person making the purchase for the sole purposes of preparing for a podiatric board examination. “We,” and “BoardWizards” represents BoardWizards.com and its associated limited liability company.

By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you agree that BoardWizards reserves the right to change, modify, amend, add, or subtract any provision without any notification or approval of the user. Amended terms shall be effective immediately at time of posting. This will be posted and made accessible on BoardWizards.com. Access to BoardWizards.com via account creation, payment, or free trial constitutes a temporary license/subscription and thereby effectively binds you to the terms and agreements set forth herein this contract. This agreement, or any user account may be terminated at the sole discretion of BoardWizards at any time. It is the sole responsibility of the user to stay current with any aforementioned changes or modifications to this agreement as well as all terms and conditions stated within.

Limitation of Liability:
Under no circumstance shall BoardWizards and its associated LLC be liable to the user for any incidental, punitive, special, or resultant damages. This includes but is not limited to: liability from medical malpractice, future examination fees, viruses that may infect and damage user’s computer, tablet, mobile device, office, home, or healthcare equipment; even if BoardWizards has been informed of such damages. Under no circumstance will BoardWizards total liability to you exceed the amount you paid for your certificate/subscription. By utilizing the free trial, making any purchase, or simply creating an account with BoardWizards: you, the user, explicitly agree to this.

All content, study material, and case scenarios provided by BoardWizards are not intended as a substitute for a real-life individual patient encounters. All study material should be used as an instrument to help pass your podiatric certifying board. We specifically disclaim any implied warranties of purchase, title and non-infringement. BoardWizards reserves the right to cancel or withdraw subscriptions and licenses for any reason. BoardWizards reserves the right to shut down the website if deemed necessary. If this were this were to ever occur BoardWizards will compensate users on a pro-rata basis for the time their subscription/temporary license has elapsed. BoardWizards will utilize sensible and practical efforts to rectify any issues pertaining to difficulty in accessing content; however, we cannot be held liable or guarantee access in case of software errors, viruses, hacking attacks, maintenance, and problems outside the control of BoardWizards. The user understands that software malfunction can occur from time to time that can cause the website to malfunction and become temporarily inaccessible.

In the event BoardWizards is unable to verify the user’s information provided such as address, email and telephone number, the license will be terminated. The user may reattempt to obtain the license/subscription by providing appropriate, accurate, and verifiable information. This is subject to change at any time. We reserve the right to terminate your license at any time for any reason.

Any non-verifiable users or those who purchase licenses/subscriptions for purposes not intended towards preparing for licensing examination, are subject to license termination at the discretion of BoardWizards. BoardWizards values its user’s privacy and security.

The only individuals allowed to make purchases on this site are resident podiatrists, licensed physicians, educational institutions seeking institutional access representing those taking the exams (podiatry students, residents, and fellows) and podiatric providers who are preparing for their respective board certifying or recertifying examinations. You are certifying by registering for a free trial and or making any purchase on this site you are declaring that you are a doctor of podiatric medicine preparing for a board certification exam that you are actively registered for and if required by BoardWizards, you will provide proof accordingly. We reserve the right to request proof of registration for board certifying examinations. Please be advised that data entry input into this site is monitored for fraud, which includes your cell phone, name, and address. All account information must be accurate including your legal name, phone number, mailing address and email address. Any access for users who are not taking an exam for any other purpose other than preparing for boards is considered fraudulent and BoardWizards reserves the right for account termination, forfeiture of payment, and pursuit of all legal remedies.

The content and provisions supported and maintained within this site and provided as part of the service and licensure, in whole or in part, are solely and exclusively property of BoardWizards.com. All materials shall not be copied, replicated, reproduced, downloaded, photographed, removed, or transcribed. User shall not access or use the licensed materials except on the site for the purposes set forth. Any non-verifiable users or those who purchase licenses for purposes not in preparing for licensing examination, are subject to license termination at the discretion of BoardWizards.

All study material and content presented within BoardWizards.com are the property of BoardWizards and as such are protected by copyright law and belong to its associated LLC. We at BoardWizards are in no way affiliated with or associated (officially or unofficially) with any podiatric or medical board certifying testing agency including but not limited to the following certifying boards: APMLE, American Board of Lower Extremity Surgery, American Board of Orthopedic Surgery, American Board of Multiple Specialties in Podiatry, American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery, and American Board of Podiatric Medicine. BoardWizards does not guarantee a passing outcome on any examination.*

Nothing in the terms and conditions allows, grants or authorizes the rights or constitutes a license to copy or disseminate the information to any other forum or channel. All works that are maintained within this site are wholly subject to trade mark, service mark, copyright and intellectually property rights that may apply both intermittently and permanently.

In the event that your respective educational institution, residency program, or fellowship pays for the user’s access, the educational institution can request the performance results from BoardWizards.com. BoardWizards may also share data and metrics with third parties for purposes of detailing student progress.

Board Wizards reserves the right to modify/reshape/alter/restructure/or change in away any portion of the website/design/layout/content at any time for any reason. Question/Question format/ and content may be edited at anytime at the discretion of BoardWizards.

This product license expires after 120 days for purchasers of the recertification package, and after 90 days for ALL other purchases. You will have unlimited use of this product during that period. This is subject to change at the discretion of BoardWizards.

All license holders from BoardWizards.com, are granted a temporary license/subscription to access the practice materials herein solely for the licensee’s use for preparation of their respective examination (See User Good-Faith Agreement). A licensee/user is forbidden from copying any content within and is strictly prohibited from distributing, sharing, photographing, screen capturing, screen sharing, and giving access to preparation materials to any person or party.

BoardWizards supplies its services as presented without warranty, whether implied or statutory. BoardWizards does not endorse and is not responsible for the accuracy of any question or explanation. BoardWizards is not liable for any monetary loss or professional and or board certifying damages, re-examination fees/costs, and recertification fees/costs caused by the reliance on materials and information obtained during use of this site. It is the sole responsibility of the user to thoroughly evaluate any content used herein. Nothing, and no material on this website should be construed as advice on how to manage or surgically treat a patient.

By registering for a free trial or making a purchase of any value – You give express permission to Board Wizards to contact you through your email address for promotions, related marketing and/or informational newsletters. You may opt out at any time by unsubscribing. You understand, that by signing up for BoardWizards, and maintaining an account with BoardWizards, that BoardWizards retains the right to make any modifications to this user agreement as it sees fit without prior consultation of any user. It is up to you, the user, to visit terms and conditions located within to be kept abreast of changes. Changes to terms and conditions apply immediately.

*Pass Guarantee:
If you do not pass your exam, Board Wizards will give you an additional 90 days complimentary prep, made available 90 days prior to the next available examination date. This is valid for one year from the date of your initial purchase and it is only applied to those have purchased a bundle package. Those who have purchased individually priced items do not qualify. Those who have purchased a Foot or RRA bundle package but also purchased an additional item will only have the guarantee applied towards the bundle package. Bundles are covered by the Boards Wizards Pass Guarantee. You, the user, understand that “The 100% Pass Guarantee,” is not a monetary refund. The guarantee means that if you fail your respective exam, we will allow you complimentary website access the next time you take your exam. BoardWizards is not liable monetarily or otherwise, for those who failed but don’t retake the examination within one year of purchase. This is valid for exactly one year from the date of your initial purchase and ONLY APPLIES TO THOSE WHO HAVE PURCHASED A COMPREHENSIVE BUNDLE, FOOT – COMPLETE BUNDLE, RRA – COMPLETE BUNDLE, OR RE CERTIFICATION “CRASH-COURSE.” The guarantee is not transferrable to a later date, a third-party, or a different examination. BoardWizards reserves the right to refuse this guarantee on a case by case basis.

To verify you didn’t pass, please submit a verification screen-shot by email to: [email protected]. Make sure that this includes name, date, board letterhead, and results. We don’t accept faxed or mailed submissions

BoardWizards – DMCA Notice:
We respect the intellectual property of others and we expect the same in return. With respect to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998, If you believe that you are a victim of any copyright infringement please contact us in writing at [email protected] and include the following information: 1. Full legal name. 2. Mailing address. 3. Email address. 4. Identify the material you claim is infringed upon. 5. Include a link, URL, or location where information may be found, a detailed description of what you believe was infringed upon, provide an image, date of posting, and any pertinent information as detailed as possible. 6. Company affiliation if any. 7. Include the statement: “I, full name, hereby claim in good faith that the use of the disputed copyright material is not authorized by the owner, its agent, or the law.” 8. Include the statement: “I, full name, state that the information in this written notice is accurate, and under penalty of perjury, that I am the owner, or authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law.”

Upon receipt of this notice BoardWizards will initiate a review, taking whatever action, at BoardWizards sole discretion, deemed appropriate. This includes, but is not limited to, immediate removal and or adjustment of the disputed material.

User Good-Faith Agreement:
As a user, by signing up for a free trial/and or making a purchase you are certifying that you are a provider/physician who is actively preparing for an upcoming podiatric board examination within the next 6 month time frame whether it be the medical or surgical board examinations. We reserve the right to terminate or suspend the account without notice or refund of any user deemed in violation of any portion of this user agreement by BoardWizards. You are expressly prohibited from copying, disseminating, selling, transferring, or using any material here within for commercial use, sale, or reproduction on any website, software, domain, forum or online chatroom. You may not share or disclose your login information or your password information with any other individuals or parties. You are expressly forbidden to use this website in any shape, way or fashion, and working for any sort of competing podiatry board review website.

Refund Policy:
All sales are final. No refunds will be issued.

Privacy rights:
You are expressly prohibited from inquiring or asking as to the identities of the physicians, podiatrists, health-care providers; both nationally (as it pertains to the United States) and internationally, who write questions or submit photos. You are expressly prohibited from asking the identities of the patients. This is out of respect to the privacy of both the patients and the contributing providers.

We at BoardWizards value our user’s privacy as well. And accordingly, we will never sell or distribute your personal information to any third-party.

Breach of contract:
Any breach by you, of any term of this agreement made herein will constitute a breach of contract. Thereby we will reserve the right to terminate this agreement and your associated access to all test preparatory materials without refund and or explanation. BoardWizards reserves the right to sue on grounds of any breach of this contract. We will pursue legal actions against violators to the fullest extent of the law.

Arbitration & Forum clause:
If our company is required to bring an action against you for a violation of any of the terms and conditions contained within this agreement, the prevailing party will be entitled its attorney fees and its costs in addition to any other remedies allowable under the law. By either using a free trial, making any purchase, or simply creating an account you implicitly agree to this.

This agreement constitutes an understanding between the parties and all prior agreements, presentations, statements are expressly superseded by this agreement. To the maximum extent permitted by law should you wish to initiate a legal action against BoardWizards, it can only occur in arbitration. You waive any ability or right to be a class or a collective action representative.

You, the user, agree that all disputes transpiring from and correlated to this user agreement, brought forth by you, the user; are agreeing that the dispute shall be resolved by arbitration and the scope of this arbitration agreement. However, BoardWizards as mentioned above reserves the right in accordance with this agreement to pursue any and all legal action via the court system for any breach of contract brought forth by a violation of the contract and terms set herein by you the user.

You, the user, also agree that any dispute brought by you, the user, be finally resolved by arbitration within 10 miles of the city of the limited liability company overseeing BoardWizards. This is rendered by and directed by a solitary arbitrator, in accordance with the Federal Arbitration Act, under the then applicable rules of the American Arbitration Association (as modified herein). The arbitration shall be administered by and interpreted by federal law to the maximum extent.